March 15, 2016


LL Cool J Retires From Music, Then Announces He's Recording New Album

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

From Kanye West's myriad rants about the fluctuating Life of Pablo track list and beefs with Wiz Khalifa and Deadmau5 to B.O.B.'s flat-Earth conspiracy theories, Hip-Hop Twitter has been crazy in recent months. Now a veteran, LL Cool J, has made his own strange headlines by tweeting plans to retire from music–which he followed hours later by announcing plans to record a new album. 

"Today I officially retired from music. Thank you for the love, the rapper/Grammy host wrote Monday in one of several now-deleted tweets, according to Billboard. But he changed course later that same day, proclaiming, "Today I'm officially coming out of retirement" with plans to "massacre the rap game" on a new LP. He followed with more confusion, tweeting, "Oh because I've been doing this a long time I can't have fun with this twitter game ? Lol"

Earlier in the day, LL Cool J delivered an epic, since-deleted tweet-spree that, as Complex reports, questioned his haters and debunked the theory that age diminishes rapping talent ("They bring up age. Lol stupid ass this ain't football or basketball. You don't pull a hammy rappin. #Goat"). He ended by admitting the whole "hilarious rant" was a joke and asked fans to "enjoy the classics."

Last week, LL Cool J posted a Facebook video of himself with Dr. Dre in the recording studio, rapping his plans to "make this shit pop off like fish fry batter."