March 9, 2016


9 Male-Fronted Bands You Have To Listen to Now

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Did you have a good International Women's Day?

Same! While we were raising up our fellow ladies and exploring the gender hurdles still in place, many arms of the media wanted to get in on it too, therefore spawning oodles of content pandering to a trending hashtag. Music websites, although they've come a long way, were no different, spitting out the weak angle of "Look, women do music too! Click on our playlist!"

While women have been playing for literally thousands of years, these sort of lists make them a novelty. And yes, I support celebrating the accomplishments of women, but there's no need to separate their music by slapping on a gender-specific clarifier to describe their bands. (Google "all-female" and you get tons of results of all-female band listicles. Google "all-male" and you'll get results for men's colleges and dating apps. I can't make this up.)

All I'm saying is, if you want to know where to start stripping back the sexism, try removing the words "female-fronted," "all-female," "girl group" and "boy band" from your vernacular. I mean, think about how ridiculous "male-fronted" sounds.

So, on International Women's Day, there was some great coverage, and some not-so-good coverage, but now that we're back to men's days, let's celebrate the strength and confidence of males in music, shall we?

Click through to see a playlist of strong, confident men who bring their natural talent to music!

#1The Roots

Not only is Questlove the face of The Roots, but he's an activist and writer. What a great role model for young men!

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