March 24, 2016


Marina & The Diamonds Opens Up About Her Experiences With Anxiety & Depression

Joseph Okpako/WireImage
Joseph Okpako/WireImage

One of the best parts about Marina & The Diamonds' campaign for her third album, Froot, has been how so bluntly honest she's been about a number of topics including mental health, the dark side of relationships, the human condition, being a woman in music and self-acceptance. To officially say goodbye to the era, the Welsh singer-songwriter held one of her fan-driven Q&A sessions (amazingly titled "FAQin Hell"), where she candidly responded to topics about her experiences with anxiety and depression.

When one fan, or "Diamond," asked if Marina had advice for those suffering from anxiety or depression, M revealed:

"I have suffered from both for long periods of time. I think one thing I would say is that I was never diagnosed for anxiety, which I’ve definitely suffered from for close to a decade. I wouldn't recommend going on medication, personally, but I would recommend getting help with counseling to see what the root of your problem is."

Another followed up, asking how she felt she overcame her depression and Marina shared that something she heard on TV spoke to her: 

"This question reminds me of something that I had on TV a few months ago. It was a guy on the news and he said, 'I'd always wanted to be happy my whole life and so I chose to be.' And that just seemed so simple, but it was very profound for me, that you decide to be happy; it doesn’t just happen to you."

And while we should emphasize that Marina & The Diamonds is first and foremost a (truly wonderful) singer-songwriter, she is not a certified doctor or psychologist. These tips were shared to help fans who may connect with how she felt in her music or lyrics. But more importantly, they were shared in a carefree and empowering manner to erase any type of stigma something going through mental-health issues may feel.

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And if you may be suffering from anxiety or depression yourself, check out the Anxiety and Depression Association's Finding Help section, which gives very simple and effective tips for dealing. No judgement.

Watch what Marina told us about Froot in our interview below: