March 25, 2016


Meghan Trainor's 'Watch Me Do' Is A Culmination of Every Rap Cliche Ever

Meghan Trainor has another retro gift for us, and this time it comes in the form of her second Thank You offering, "Watch Me Do." The upbeat, brass-heavy track will certainly have you bouncing your bum, especially when you learn all the clever lyrics, which seem like they were inspired by a lot of other tunes. Click on the new song above, and let's investigate, shall we?

"I'm the shhh be quiet"—comes from this Kanye remix, this Gucci Mane song, or from this N.E.R.D. song

"I be on that low-hater diet"—perhaps inspired by this Lil Wayne track

"'Cause I just woke up"—perhaps she woke up like this?

"And I feel some type of way"—straight out of a Rich Homie Quan song

"I get all choked up when I see how much I made"—every rap song ever. Perhaps she was on a Rich Homie Quan kick when writing this song? 

"I feel so good"—just like Mase!

"Like James Bond in his day"—at least she didn't say "James Bong"

"Watch me do"—Do what, Meghan? The nae nae? Like the Silento hit?

"Watch me!!"—just like the hardest working man in show biz (guessing this one was actually intentional)

"I ain't sayin' I'm the best-ases"—just like Mary J. Blige

"But I got nice curves, nice breast-ases"—just like how Drake twists the word breast in "Teach U A Lesson"

"All in my DMs, leaving messages"—clearly a Yo Gotti reference

"And I ain't a teacher, but the lesson is"—let's "Teach U a Lesson" again!