March 14, 2016


Melanie Martinez’s ‘Cry Baby’ Music Video is Proudly Disturbing: Watch

Melanie Martinez commits to a role like no other pop artist, and in her brand new “Cry Baby” music video, she reprises her turn as Cry Baby, a crib-dwelling outsider haunted by some deranged stuffed animals.

The imagery in the video is on another level: In one shot, a pregnant mother is being treated like a piñata, and in another, Martinez is drowning in a literal sea of tears. There are parts of the “Cry Baby” video that are hard to stomach, like a birthing scene with a masked doctor creepily gazing on, but Martinez’s uncompromising vision is deeply admirable.

“My whole goal for my music in general is to have every album create to make this bigger story,” Martinez told Fuse in December. “Cry Baby is just one character in this weird world I'm trying to create. I want them all to connect eventually, and Cry Baby is like a movie or a book. That's how I want people to see my music.”

Martinez’s debut album, Cry Baby, scored a Top 10 debut upon its release last year. The singer is currently touring North America behind the full-length.