M.I.A. roasting xenophobia is something we've gotten accustomed to, especially with her video for "Borders" last year, but the singer sampling The Lion King to lambast Donald Trump? That's some next-level maneuvering, for sure. 

But how do we know that M.I.A. is calling out Trump, the political-Voldemort-incarnate, exactly? It comes when the singer spits a verse about the Mexican/United States border, which of course is a contentious part of the G.O.P frontrunner's nonsensical campaign. Listen to the two-part "OLA/Foreign Friend" below. 

Over that Lion King–infused beat, M.I.A. raps: "In the car I see their patroller, cruising past in their car/creeping in my socks and slippers, the Mexicans say hola." Then, when the song changes trajectory (and titles), M.I.A. offers this bit of wisdom: "Don't be ignorant, when I'm on ten, better tell somebody, I'm an immigrant/When I jump that fence, I'm gon' get a Benz/Then I leave my tent and I gon' be your foreign friend."

The double-song strikes a perfect balance between commentary and danceability, don't it? You might have to listen while it's hot though: M.I.A. warned today that fans should enjoy the track soon, before Disney comes-a-knockin' for copyright reasons: