March 19, 2016


Script About Michael Jackson's Pet Chimpanzee Has Been Optioned for a Film

Jim McCrary / Getty Images
Jim McCrary / Getty Images

When you're Michael Jackson—the most heralded pop music icon in history—anything about your life is fair subject matter for a film, including your precious pet chimpanzee, Bubbles: According to Deadline, a script about MJ's relationship with the chimp has been purchased, and probably for a very large sum of money. 

Named Bubbles after the famous primate in question, the script was co-purchased by producer Andrew Kortschak and End Cue—a film production company. Veteran TV-writer Dan Harmon—who created NBC's Community—is slated to produce the film, which will eventually take the form of a stop-motion animated feature, because chimps are artsy. 

Bubbles was written by the author Isaac Adamson, and offers the only perspective of Michael Jackson's career as seen through the eyes of an adopted chimpanzee. Apparently, it's a winner though: The script topped the Hollywood Black List last year, which is an annual list of un-produced scripts, or free-agents of the movie-world, if you will. 

Deadline also notes that the actual Bubbles moved to Jackson's Neverland Ranch in 1983, but was later moved to a monkey sanctuary in Florida after becoming a naughty ape in his twilight years.