March 22, 2016


Watch Nardwuar's Hilarious, In-Depth DJ Khaled Interview

"You know a lot, I like that," DJ Khaled tells Nardwuar, North America's greatest interviewer and researcher, early in this excellent conversation from SXSW. The inimitable 47-year-old Vancouver personality suffered a stroke in December 2015 and returned in February with a Ty Segall interview.

This time around, the always-generous Nardwuar starts his interview with a bigger-than-usual stash of gifts. As the conversation barrels ahead, Khaled starts to get pretty freaked out by exactly how much The Human Serviette actually knows about him. (Hit the 9:30 mark for some gold.)

At the 15-minute mark point, Nardwuar tries to hit Khaled with a copy of Perfect Pussy's Say Yes to Love. As soon as he tells the Snapchat king the scarlet-tinted vinyl is made with vocalist Meredith Graves' menstrual blood, Khaled has an allergic reaction. "I can't, I can't, I can't," he says, hands in the air.

Watch the full interview above, then check out one of Khaled's visits to Fuse below: