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16 Times Niall Horan Was The Most Drama-Free Member Of One Direction

This is Niall. Niall has no drama. Niall has no girl. Be like Niall

DALLAS, TX - DECEMBER 01: Singer Niall Horan of One Direction performs onstage during 106.1 KISS FM's Jingle Ball 2015 presen
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Since One Direction officially went on hiatus at the beginning of 2016, the boys are still, somehow, garnering attention. Despite Liam Payne's claim that they aren't famous anymore, the paparazzi are still on their trail, and fans keep track of their every move online.

Even though they're on a break, they are far from drama-less: Harry Styles is working on his own music; Liam Payne is hanging out with Cheryl Cole; Louis Tomlinson is, of course, getting Directioners all shook up with his new fatherhood; and Zayn Malik—now known mononymously as Zayn—is trying to prove his solo worth with his supposed-to-be-sexy new album, out March 25.

But Niall Horan? Well, Niall is just living life.

He told Fabulous magazine in November that he was planning on backpacking through Thailand and Australia with his friends. And, well, that's what he's doing. There are even reports that he's traveling economy and staying in low-key hostels so he can live the ~non-famous~ life.

Among Directioners, Niall has notoriously been the least problematic member of the group. He hasn't passed off homophobic comments; he hasn't quit the band to be "normal"; he hasn't dated a Jenner; and as far as we know, there are no babies involved. So, in celebration of that, here are some pictures of Niall doing completely normal things and living his drama-free life.

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Here's Niall eating delicious edamame, fries and chicken

He's just a simple man savoring good grub.

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Now, here's Niall about to eat an orange

Directioners have been keeping tabs on Niall's caloric intake, unsurprisingly.

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Here's Niall sitting on a beach

Much normal. Many vacation. Such friends.

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Here's a close-up, so you can see Niall's anklet

Nothing says normal like an ankle bracelet.

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Here is Niall napping

Niall sleeps... just like us!

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Here's Niall on a plane

Pop star? What pop star? All I see is a kid on a plane.

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Here's Niall standing and conversing

Honestly, there's nothing to see here.

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Here's Niall getting no attention

Just another day as Niall Horan...

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Here's Niall hiding in a box

He's hiding from all the drama.

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Here's Niall just sippin' on a brewski

Who wouldn't want to throw back a cold one with this dude?

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Here's Niall scrolling through his phone

While also enjoying a few ales! Maybe Niall homebrews back home.

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Here's Niall strolling incognito through an airport

This man is living his ordinary kid dreams.

13 / 16

Here's Niall exchanging his money for a different currency

The other members of One Direction would probably have an assistant do this stuff. NOT NIALL.

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Here's Niall enjoying some comfortable weather

Shirtless, just like my Uncle Bruce at our family barbecue.

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Here's Niall looking concerned at a sporting event

"Oh, dear." - Niall Horan, whispering to himself

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Here's Niall living life

Do you, Nialler.

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