March 23, 2016


Nick Cannon Insists He's Not Dissing Mariah Carey With 'Oh Well' Track

Dan MacMedan/WireImage
Dan MacMedan/WireImage

Nick Cannon is speaking out about the rumors around his new song, "Oh Well," which is filled with jabs thrown at a former lover. Cannon took to Twitter to say the media is making up stories about his ex.

After the song popped up on Soundcloud, fans made connections in the lyrics to Cannon's ex-wife Mariah Carey, who has recently pulled in headlines for getting planning her new wedding to billionaire James Packer.

"If I went broke, you wouldn't call me / Don't get mad 'cause i'm telling the truth," Cannon sing-raps on the piano-plinking track. "I still feel bitter about it," he later sings, along with, "Every time we talk one of us on some mad shit / It's like we try, but we don't want it for real." 

Listen to "Oh Well" here:

Cannon and Carey were married from 2008 to 2015, and together, they have almost-5-year-old twins.

Despite the similarities fans see in the track, Cannon says people are misconstruing the ditty, which he alludes is a "character piece" for one of his films:

"You know what I find funny, I actually released a spoken word piece about the corrupt system and the media pays it now mind... [sic]" he tweeted. "But someone releases one of my Character pieces from a film and media outlets flock to it making up stories about my ex..."