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13 Classic Nickelodeon Shows Worth Reviving

With recent revivals of "Hey Arnold" and "Legends of the Hidden Temple" in the works, what other Nick classics deserve to come back into our lives? From "CatDog" to "All That" to "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?," here are the Fuse staff's top Nickelodeon priorities

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Rocket Power

The best Nickelodeon programming was (and still is!) predicated on youthful individuality. The shows have characters that are roughly the same age as the people watching them, but living fantastic lives. So went the idea behind Rocket Power, a program that followed Otto, Reggie, Sam and Twister living up to their greatest athletic potential. It was aspirational and hilarious—plus, a generation of kids definitely learned about zines because of Reggie, and we should all be thankful for that. - Maria Sherman

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While All That introduced so many kids to sketch comedy, it was KaBlam! that showed us just how far the form could stretch. As an animated buffet of styles hosted by the green-haired Henry and blue-coiffed June, KaBlam! showed us all the various ways our creative could manifest itself. "Prometheus and Bob’s” claymation craziness, "Life with Loopy’s” diorama drama, "Angela Anaconda’s” collage-in-action—it's all perfect for today's mashup-happy culture. And the segments would make great breakout viral videos. - Zach Dionne

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The Secret World of Alex Mack

Let's be real: In the '90s, CGI was corny. The Secret World of Alex Mack saw child star Larisa Oleynik (The Baby-Sitters Club, 10 Things I Hate about You) given shape-shifting and telekinesis powers after being splashed by a top-secret chemical. A modern-day revival would mean way better graphics for all of Alex's secret powers, and bring a new heroine for viewers to look up to on television. - Jeff Benjamin

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Are You Afraid of the Dark?

Admit it: you can’t get enough of the paranormal hysteria that has made a resurgence in film and TV over the past few years. But before Supernatural, Paranormal Activity and Insidious, it was Are You Afraid of the Dark? that got our stomachs in a knot! The show fed into an obsessive thirst for terror back in the ‘90s, so just imagine how much creepier it can get with modernized production! - Bianca Gracie

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The Amanda Show

Sketch comedy needs to return its rightful queen: Amanda Bynes. And if Bynes isn’t down—she announced that she was retiring from acting in 2012, so I wouldn’t be surprised—create a variety show with another rising star. We’ve got enough drama to deal with—let’s bring back a few laughs. - Emilee Lindner

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True, the precocious infants already came back with the Rugrats: All Growed Up series, but what would Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the gang be like as parents… with talking babies of their own? There’s real Fuller House potential here (but, you know, more clever). - Jason Lipshutz

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The Wild Thornberrys

If Eliza Thornberry and co. brought their lives into 2016, we imagine the conversations would focus less on the different animals and more about how they affect the environment. Mother Nature is hurting more than ever these days, and while the original Wild Thornberrys taught viewers about different animals and parts of the world, a reboot could instill in kids why it's so important to keep these animals, plants, and ecosystems alive and healthy. - Jeff Benjamin

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Invader Zim

It's weird to think of a '00s cartoon as having a real legacy, but Invader Zim totally does (Go to a mall and hit up your local Hot Topic or Spencer's Gifts, and we guarantee you'll come across some IZ paraphernalia.) The reason for its ongoing icon status is the way it was presented: Not only was Zim an adorable, angry, angst-y alien, he was an outsider. That shit is relatable no matter how old you are. - Maria Sherman

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Hot, nostalgia-addled take: CatDog was good! No idea if that's actually objectively true, but it felt good at the time. A cat and a dog, joined in the middle, genitalia and waste-elimination systems forever unclear. The only way to crack the mystery's for the show to come back. The theme song alone is worth it. - Zach Dionne

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Figure It Out

In today's world of viral videos, kids doing crazy-cool things is a guaranteed hit on YouTube—The Ellen DeGeneres Show knows this. Bringing back classic Nick game show Figure It Out would allow kids to showcase their awesome talents, and then they'd get incredible prizes for it! Guarantee that more kids would watch their peers, and it'd be fun to see a whole new cast of celebrities getting slimed on the regular. - Jeff Benjamin

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As Told By Ginger

Earlier this year, rumors spread that As Told By Ginger will be receiving a reboot. A Nickelodeon press rep shut down the claims, but the network shouldn’t throw away the idea just yet! The show was a special one—especially for young women—as it dove into heavier plots that dealt with depression, anxiety, social acceptance, self-esteem and more. It would be fun to see how the girls matured after high school (and just think of how awesome a “Little Seal Girl” performance revival would be!). - Bianca Gracie

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All That

All That was Saturday Night Live for kids. Along with losing The Amanda Show, after All That ended, another sketch comedy show never took its place. We need a new generation of comedians rising up through the ranks on cable—just look what happened to Kenan Thompson! - Emilee Lindner

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Rocko's Modern Life

Heffer, Filburt, the Bigheads and everyone’s favorite wallaby deserve to have their sometimes-dry, sometimes-absurdist humor introduced to a new generation. Can you imagine the weird modern eccentricities that Rocko would have to navigate in 2016? Please, Nicktoon Gods, make this happen.

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