March 14, 2016


President Barack Obama Publicly Declares J. Cole Fandom


Regardless of your views on his policies, it's safe to say that President Barack Obama will go down in the history books as one of the most woke presidents of all time. Obama has proven his wokeness on countless occasions, from having Beyoncé perform at his inauguration to knowing that Tyrion Lannister is the dopest character on Game of Thrones to stating that his favorite song of 2015 was a Kendrick Lamar deep cut.

This past week, after delivering the keynote address at South by Southwest (seriously how much more woke can this dude get?), President Obama attended a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee which J. Cole was scheduled to perform at. As he took the podium at the event, President Obama added yet another woke statement to his political career:

To give credit where credit is due, shout out to Malia and Sasha for keeping their father up on the times. As Obama moves through the final year of his presidency, one can only hope that he continues to stay as woke as he's already proven to be.