March 15, 2016


See President Obama Help 'Hamilton' Star Lin-Manuel Miranda With White House Freestyle

The cast of Broadway musical Hamilton visited the White House on Monday, March 14 to perform. President Barack Obama gave opening remarks before the cast performed a few songs, that was then followed by workshops for high school students within the Washington D.C. area. 

Sometime during the day, POTUS and Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda found time to record a little White House freestyle rap in the Rose Garden. Obama prompted Miranda with cue cards that Miranda then had to freestyle from. “He’s throwin’ up some words,” Miranda begins, “I’m gonna say some freestylin’ that you’ve never heard.”

Watch the freestyle above, then check out the Hamilton cast performing two of the show's first three songs, "Alexander Hamilton" and "My Shot," at the 53:50 mark below:

In addition to the GRAMMY-winning cast album, the broadway musical has plans for another project, The Hamilton Mixtape. With the likes of UsherChance the Rapper, and Queen Latifah, the mixtape is set for a fall release. 

Watch the performance above. Next, listen to Fuse's Back of the Class podcast discuss Hamilton at the 6:40 mark below: