March 18, 2016


Illustrator Makes Pokémon Versions of Presidential Candidates: See the Drawings

Alex Hirsch / @_AlexHirsch on Twitter
Alex Hirsch / @_AlexHirsch on Twitter

As the 2016 presidential election gets more heated, it's nice to remember that sometimes we can have a little fun with the candidates. Illustrator Alex Hirsch, creator of Disney XD's animated series Gravity Falls, did that with some spot-on, Pokémon-inspired reinterpretations.

Naturally, Bernie Sanders becomes "Burnie" represented by an adolescent Charmander, Hillary Clinton becomes "HillarFree" as a regal Butterfree, Donald Trump becomes "Schmuck" as a grimy Muk, and, of course, Ben Carson is "Carzzzon" as a sleepy Snorlax.

See some of the drawings below and more on Hirsh's Twitter account.