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14 Long-Lost Male R&B Artists: Where Are They Now?

From Sisqo to J. Holiday, we're very curious to know what these R&B singers are up to nowadays!

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Donell Jones

Year of R&B Debut: 1996
No. of Albums Recorded: Six, three of which went Platinum (including 2006's Journey of a Gemini)
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Yes! After churning out jams like "U Know What's Up" and "Where I Wanna Be," the Chicago crooner is planning to release a new album this summer. He also continues to book gigs across the U.S. as well.

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Jon B.

Year of R&B Debut: 1995
No. of Albums Recorded: Seven, including 2012's aptly named Comfortable Swagg
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? After his last album, Jon B. (who made it cool for white boys to sing R&B before Justin Timberlake came around) kept quiet on the new music front. But take one look at the singer's Facebook page, and it's clear that he has no issue keeping a steady tour schedule—and he's even performed alongside fellow R&B charmers Ginuwine and Keith Sweat!

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Year of R&B Debut: 1996, with R&B group Dru Hill
No. of Solo Albums Recorded: Three
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Sisqó's third solo album, Last Dragon, was released in February 2015, and in an interview with The Real, he revealed it will be his last as he wants to try film and TV. But he's also hinted at a possible Dru Hill reunion (November marks their 20th anniversary). The talented singer is much more than the "Thong Song," so hopefully he will drop new music with Dru Hill soon.

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J. Holiday

Year of R&B Debut: 2007
No. of Albums Recorded: Three
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? J. Holiday arrived to the mid-'00s R&B scene along with the Trey Songz and The-Dream, but he hasn't been able to achieve the same longevity. The singer's last album was in 2014, and save for a spam/porn-filled Facebook page, he hasn't caused any stir musically.

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Year of R&B Debut: 2004
No. of Albums Recorded: One, the certified Gold It's Already Written
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Unfortunately no. Aside from his "I Like That" one-hit wonder from 12 years ago, in 2005 Houston infamously tried to commit suicide by jumping out of a window under an alleged PCP high and gauging his eye out with a fork. In 2012, he was charged with a DUI.

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Mario Winans

Year of R&B Debut: 1997
No. of Albums Recorded: Two
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Yes! Winans is most famous for his passive sad-boy anthem, 2004's "I Don't Wanna Know," but he keeps busy by producing for artists like Danity Kane, Trey Songz and R. Kelly. He has a credit on Kanye West's "All Day" and worked with Diddy on last year's MMM album. Winans will also be joining his Bad Boy family at a Biggie tribute concert in May.

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Year of R&B Debut: 2000, with pre-teen group N-Toon (he made his solo debut in 2004)
No. of Albums Recorded: Four
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Lloyd's last album, King of Hearts, was released in 2011—but aside from 2015's one-off track "Girl From the South," he hasn't been winning anyone's hearts since then. But he did try his (cringeworthy) hand at rapping in 2014, and steadily posts Instagram thirst traps. So, yay for Lloyd? He's still very attractive, though, so I guess that counts for something.

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Kevin McCall

Year of R&B Debut: 2010, on Chris Brown's "Deuces" single
No. of Albums Recorded: None, just a string of mixtapes and two EPs
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Nope! McCall failed to release a full-length studio album, so he now keeps busy by getting into social media spats with former collaborator and king of Twitter beefs—Chris Brown.

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Year of R&B Debut: 2008
No. of Albums Recorded: Two, as well as 2014's The Return EP
Are They Still Charming the Ladies? Well, some of the members are. After plans of reuniting as a group failed to spark mainstream interest two years ago, Willie Taylor is now part of the Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood cast and Big Mike is promoting his My Time EP.

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Bobby V (a.k.a. Bobby Valentino)

Year of R&B Debut: 2005
No. of Albums Recorded: Five
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Yep. After changing his moniker to Bobby V. (because that obviously made a huge difference), the singer continues to drop one-off singles including last winter's "Seasons" and a recent collaboration with dancehall artist Alkaline. As with many R&B artists of today, Bobby's Instagram page is filled with workout posts and videos of him cracking jokes.

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Year of R&B Debut: 1996, with group 112
No. of Albums Recorded: One (so far)
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Yes! Following 2008's Love's Crazy, 112's Slim continued to release smooth R&B jams and plans to drop his sophomore album—Refueled—sometime this spring. Last week, the singer released new single "Never Break Up" featuring Rich Homie Quan. Like Mario Winans, Slim and his bandmates (who have been touring as part of their 20th anniversary) will also be a part of the Biggie tribute next May at Brooklyn's Barclays Center.

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Ray J

Year of R&B Debut: 1997
No. of Albums Recorded: Four
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Of course! Ray J, who will forever be known as Brandy's brother, has kept himself in the spotlight—thanks to consistently dropping music and starring in a handful of VH1 reality series stints including Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood. But let's be honest here, Ray J's greatest gift to the world is 2013's hilariously petty "I Hit It First" single.

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Year of R&B Debut: 2000
No. of Albums Recorded: Eight
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Yep! Avant has steadily dropped albums ever since his debut 16 years ago, with his most recent being 2015's The VIII. He also regularly retweets fans, so head on over to his Twitter page if you want a shoutout. 

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Year of R&B Debut: 2001
No. of Albums Recorded: Seven
Is He Still Charming the Ladies? Definitely. The rugged Jersey crooner has a solid discography under his belt, including the underrated collaboration with Nelly on 2004's "My Place." He is now promoting his latest album Struggle Love (released March 18). He also has three GRAMMY nominations under his belt, which is more than some of his other R&B counterparts on this list.


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