March 16, 2016


Red Velvet Returns With Dreamy R&B Ballad 'One of These Nights': Watch

As fans know, Red Velvet's group name represents more than just a delicious dessert flavor, but its musical sensibilities. The "Red" part of the girl group's name reps their bold and quirky side (heard in past singles like "Dumb Dumb" and "Ice Cream Cake"), while the "Velvet" speaks to their sensual, R&B-leaning tendencies (like in "Automatic" and "Be Natural"). After going super-quirky with their debut full-length LP The Red late last year, the girls are going more velvety than ever with their new EP, The Velvet.

New single "One of These Nights" begins as a standard ballad, opening with strings and piano, before evolving into a sweeping, orchestral arrangement. The girls flip the sound on its head at the 1:40 mark when a trap beat kicks in to give the strings a modern flavor. Musically, it's a remarkably bold move for the group, at a time when every K-pop act is looking to score its boldest, catchiest dance hit.

The accompanying music video feels like a Part 2 to the quintet's "Automatic" video, with the ladies moving through trippy scenes and colorful worlds that mash up into one another. Lots of fans are saying the girls are embracing classic Disney princesses seen from different scenes via leader Irene (embracing Snow White, who's looks into a mirror on the wall at 3:30), powerhouse vocalist Wendy (her red hair and fishtail dress is a ringer for Ariel), and Yeri (potentially channelling Sleeping Beauty when she's passed out in a boat with a long, pink gown). It's a fun and clever concept, and never becomes too cheesy.

The Velvet boasts five new tracks along with three remixes of the single. Stream it below via Spotify: