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Rihanna's 13 Best Deep Cuts & Album Tracks

Rihanna is known for No. 1 smashes like "Umbrella," "We Found Love" and "Work," but she has a ton of songs in her arsenal that need some more attention. Here are 13 must-listen tracks!

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"Kisses Don't Lie" (2006)

This is the second track off Rihanna's second album, A Girl Like Me, which follows the massive "S.O.S." But don't think it gets drowned out: "Kisses Don't Lie" is a gritty, reggae-tinged groove that finds the then-budding singer toeing the line between her island roots and a more decisive pop sound.

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"Final Goodbye" (2006)

Rihanna's slow jams have always showcased her vulnerability, and "Final Goodbye" shows that she mastered the tearjerker early on in her career. If the lyric "Outside the world wages its wars, I'll rest in peace as long as you know" doesn't tug at your heart strings, you might want to check your pulse.

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"Breakin' Dishes" (2008)

"Breakin' Dishes" is an absolute stomper! From Rih's sassy "I don't know who you think I am!" shouts to a no-good boyfriend to the fiery poptastic production, it's a shame this wasn't a Good Girl Gone Bad single.

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"Say It" (2008)

Good Girl Gone Bad may have found Rihanna diving headfirst into the pop arena, but songs like "Say It" showed that she didn't forget her Caribbean upbringing. Sampling dancehall star Mad Cobra's 1992 "Flex," the slinky tune is an undeniable charmer.

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"Sell Me Candy" (2008)

"Sell Me Candy" has production notes from Timbaland and The-Dream, so it was bound to become a bop (yes, I still unapologetically use the word "bop"). It's a hodge-podge of hip-hop, pop, R&B and electronic melodies that will have you grooving. And Rihanna's coos of "I’m weak by your touch and when it’s melting on my lips" and "I run through my body when you lick my fingertips" will have you tingling.

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"Fire Bomb" (2009)

This is hands down one of Rihanna's most underrated songs in her entire discography. When placed in the context of Rated R's emotional basis, the meaning of "Fire Bomb" is all the more heartbreaking.

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"G4L" (2009)

Now "G4L" is a personal favorite, just because a badass shit-talking Rihanna is the best Rihanna. It is a grimy #Navy anthem that dabbles in dubstep and rumbling drum beats that sound just as menacing as the singer.

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"Cold Case Love" (2009)

Co-written by Justin Timberlake, "Cold Case Love" is the melancholic penultimate track on Rated R. When Rihanna broods, "And then I tried to cage it but your love ain't the kind you can keep," you can almost hear the tears flowing in the studio. Her willingness to display an unguarded mentality during the worst time in her life is what separates her from other artists.

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"Hole in my Head" (2009)

"Hole in my Head" was another Rihanna-Timberlake collaboration off Rated R. The frenetic uptempo is edgy, slightly rabid and damn catchy. It was left over as a Nokia Music exclusive, which goes to show bonus tracks could be even better than songs on the album itself.

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"Watch n' Learn" (2011)

"Watch n' Learn" is found way deep into Talk That Talk, but it is not to be ignored! A fan favorite, the sparkling track is flecked with dancehall basslines, Rihanna's naughty vocal inflections and a vibrant melody that will find you wanting to sway your hips on a significant other (or your sidepiece...we won't tell).

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"Kiss it Better" (2016)

“Kiss it Better” is a toxic thrill about an addicting love that slipped through her fingers—and now she wants it back even if it feels like crack. It is a little bit of ’80s Prince, a splash of TLC’s “Red Light Special” and all-around heartbreaking and beautifully intimate. Let's just hope it becomes ANTI's next single.

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"Desperado" (2016)

“Desperado” finds Rihanna channeling her inner sinister Western antihero (no pun intended). The rumbling interpolation of BANKS’ 2013 “Waiting Game” single makes it all the more haunting. Someone call up Quentin Tarantino for the pending video treatment now!

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"Love on the Brain" (2016)

Taking influence from Amy WinehouseEtta James (“Rather Go Blind”) and Sam Cooke, this rough-edged, soulful ballad finds Rih at her vocal best. Who would've predicted the day when she mastered '50s doo-wop!


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