March 30, 2016


'90s LGBTQ Kids Talk Importance of 'Sailor Moon': Watch the Mini-Doc

Everyone knows Sailor Moon as the iconic anime that helped usher in a new era of Japanese animation around the world. But a new mini-doc by Vice explores how Usagi, her friends and even her enemies played a significant role in the lives of queer '90s kids who were watching on television.

In the latest episode of Vice's American Obsessions series, Sailor Moon's passionate cult fandom is explored through Anime Expo cosplayers and young LGBTQ adults, with a focus on how the series was ahead of its time in embracing gay and transgender characters and storylines. 

Watch above as fans recall the importance of the relationship between Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune, which was egregiously revised as being "cousins" in the initial American debut. The doc also covers how the Sailor Starlights (who were biologically men, but transformed into women, but retained all their features) were game-changers for transgender and gender-fluid viewers.

It's eye-opening and at times heartbreaking when the mini-doc's stars recall bullying and other unfair treatment when they were kids, but it's also heartwarming to hear how Sailor Moon and its emphasis on justice and friendship gave them hope and helped connect them to their identity and their friends today.

Watch cosplays from Comic Comic 2015 explain their process to Fuse: