Saosin's Anthony Green On The New Album & His Long-Overdue Return: Interview

Last month, Saosin announced that it was at long last releasing a new album. It's their first in seven years...and their first since singer Cove Reber left the band in 2010. 

The return in and of itself is pretty exciting, but it gets better: original vocalist and current Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green has returned to head the group. He told Diffuser, “Making this record was such a sentimental thing for me. You can literally hear us making amends with each other while lamenting on our experiences together. It was very healing and cathartic, and might be the heaviest thing I’ve been a part of since the first EP.”

He's not lying. Along The Shadow, which will be released on May 20 via Epitaph Records, feels like a continuation of where the band left off with Green. Along with the new full-length, Saosin will be featured on the revived Taste of Chaos tour, and is also playing a handful of U.S. shows this month. 

We hopped on the phone with the reinstated frontman to talk about his journey back to the band and what the future has in store.