March 11, 2016


Watch Sarah Silverman Dress as Adolf Hitler to Criticize Donald Trump

Donald Trump's been getting some of the most feverish, hyperbolic support and criticism imaginable over the past few months. More than a few folks have likened him to the second coming of Adolf Hitler, including a recent impassioned statement from Louis C.K. But now Sarah Silverman has taken on the task of letting genocidal maniac defend himself.

In full toothbrush mustache and Nazi uniform, a beaming Silverman-as-Hitler chatted with Conan O'Brien on Thursday night. Watch it go down in the video above.

“Don’t get me wrong, Conan, I agree with a lot he says—a lot. Like 90 percent of what he says, I’m like ‘This guy gets it!'" Hitlerman did have a bit of criticism for The Donald, though, calling him "crass" and scratching her head over his need to discuss his penis size on TV.

"I have to be honest: Trump, he's starting to make me rethink some of the things I've done," Silverman fake-pondered, adding, "Ahh, who am I kiddin', I gotta be me! Right?"