March 5, 2016


Shakira’s ‘Zootopia’ Song ‘Try Everything’ Gets Video Treatment

To go along with the release of the new animated Disney movie ZootopiaShakira shared a music video for “Try Everything,” in which she stars. Shakira voices Gazelle, a singer in the city of Zootopia. Shakira told People, "The one thing they took as a suggestion was that she was a little too skinny for me. So I asked them to give her a little — to give her bigger hips.” 

The “Try Everything” video alternates between clips of Shakira in the studio and footage from Zootopia, including performance shots of Shakira’s animated character singing in an arena-sized venue—not too far off from the Colombian pop star’s real life.

In a video interview with Billboard, Shakira explains that she found shared ground with her character. “When I was introduced to my character, I found a lot of common denominators between her and I.” 

Watch the “Try Everything” music video above. Zootopia just premiered March 4, and is currently playing in theaters.