March 11, 2016


Shondaland Stars Endorse Hilary Clinton in New Campaign: Watch

When Shondaland actresses Viola Davis, Ellen Pompeo and Kerry Washington aren't starring in kickass roles on ABC's #TGIT lineup, they are busy endorsing Hilary Clinton. In a new ad, directed by Scandal's Tony Goldwyn, the three celebrities (along with Shonda Rhimes herself) show their support for the presidential candidate.

In the video, which has an overall theme of equality, the ladies share this message:

"Every day I wake up and play a brilliant, complex, overqualified, get-it-done woman, who obsessively fights for justice, who cares, who gives a voice to the voiceless, who gets knocked down and always gets back up. I make television filled with the kinds of characters I imagine we all can be. Strong but flawed, human but extraordinary. Our characters are on television but the real world—the real world has Hillary Clinton."

"I'm with Hilary," the actresses proudly exclaim—which is complete opposite sentiment of Mac Miller's epic takedown of Donald Trump. Flip through our roundup of celebrities who have shaded the not-so-popular presidential prospect.