March 11, 2016


Skrillex and JAUZ Have Cosmic Adventure in Animated 'Squad Out' Video: Watch

Skrillex and his EDM counterpart JAUZ have released the video for "Squad Out," a dubstep-banger featuring the notorious hype-man Fatman Scoop. The duo released the track last year on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim Singles. Appropriately, the video for "Squad Out" was directed by Adam Fuchs, an animator who's worked on various Adult Swim projects. Watch it above and try not to have a seizure. 

As you can see, the video is drenched in the Cartoon Network aesthetic: There's a constant barrage of psychedelic imagery as Skrillex and JAUZ propel across the universe in a flying elevator. Fatman Scoop is there every step of the way, beckoning the EDM-bros to party harder. The video is appropriately wild—just like your average Skrillex tune—so feel free to blast "Squad Out" everywhere, including your favorite elevator.