March 10, 2016


Smashing Pumpkins Threaten to Sue Leaker of Old Demos

Paul Bergen/Redferns
Paul Bergen/Redferns

The original Smashing Pumpkins lineup—famously at odds with record labels and each other over just about everything—might finally reunite for one last lawsuit. 

Stereogum reports that a few rare demos from the band's earlier days have surfaced online—much to the delight of the guitar-rock universe—and are being shared by gleeful hordes of people across the web. But Billy CorganJames Iha, Jimmy Chamberlain and D’arcy Wretzky aren't too thrilled about their intellectual property being available for free, so they're threatening to sue whoever may have leaked the songs. 

A post from the Pumpkins' Facebook page confirms that the band's demos are worth a hefty sum. The warning notes that "a former employee" may be behind the deed.

"A NOTE REGARDING LEAKS FROM THE PUMPKINS ARCHIVES: Recently, some “fresh” tracks, albeit outtakes and work product from 20+ years ago, surfaced on the internet. And though such releases are celebrated by fans and media alike, they are the product of theft and should not be applauded as such. Remember, whoever the culprit is, they do not reveal themselves for fear of prosecution. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not some Robin Hood helping out the impoverished. And when they are found out, we, the Smashing Pumpkins (and yes, the original 4 are unified on such issues) will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law as well as bring a civil suit; for undoubtedly this person is a former employee. And in that, we will reward whoever helps bring this matter to its just result. But that does not mean we don’t have our suspicions and leads. It’s only a matter of time."

The threatening Facebook post has been deleted, but it's logical to assume that Billy Corgan and company are still pretty pissed off about the whole thing. Maybe they'll sue somebody.