March 25, 2016


Snoop Dogg Introduces New Nature-Loving Web-Series 'Planet Snoop': Watch

Nature and marijuana-enthusiast Snoop Dogg is launching a web-series inspired by the BBC's classic program, Planet Earth. The rapper previously had a segment called "Plizzanet Earth" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, in which he once narrated an epic battle between an Otter and Crocodile. The world loved it. 

Snoop's presence on Kimmel was a glassy-eyed delight: Rolling Stone notes that a petition to see the rapper host an entire season of Plizzanet Earth nabbed 75,000 signatures, leading to the creation of Planet Snoop, which you can catch a glimpse of above. 

The hip-hop veteran is still an astute commentator of animal-battles. This time, the fight takes place between a squirrel and a snake, and well, an unlikely victor prevails, because nature is mysterious. Planet Snoop will be hosted on the cannabis and culture website, Merry Jane