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13 Artists Who Became Superheroes for Music Videos

Happy National Superhero Day! While it's become a nerd-tastic annual holiday, these stars embodied their inner heroes way before April 28

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Eminem, "Without Me"

Em had a huge hit by taking on the persona of superhero sidekick of "Bat Boy" for this 2002 single. Who's the Batman to his Robin? None other than Dr. Dre, of course. 

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Taylor Swift, "Bad Blood"

Taylor Swift and her squad—Cara Delevingne, Jessica Alba, Kendrick Lamar and more—embodied new personas to defeat Tay's arch-nemesis/real-life BFF Selena Gomez in her "Bad Blood" video.

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5 Seconds of Summer, "Don’t Stop"

The movie trailer-inspired video for 5SOS' "Don't Stop" opens with the phrase, "When danger won't stop, these four guys don't stop." And then you see Luke, Calum, Ashton and Michael look super-dorky and super-cute in their very DIY super hero costumes.

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Avril Lavigne, "Rock N Roll"

Avril played a punk-rock princess here to save the day in her comic book-themed video for "Rock N Roll" in 2013. Look out for a cheesy call from her boss at the beginning.

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A$AP Ferg, "Let It Go"

The trappiest and trippiest superhero you'll ever meet.

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Christina Aguilera, "Keeps Getting Better"

For this 2008 hit, Xtina tried out a slew of looks, including the sassiest Catwoman you've ever seen; complete with huge, teased-out curls. Halle Berry could never.

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Hoodie Allen & Ed Sheeran, "All About It"

Who says you need to be super buff to be a superhero? Just do what Hoodie and Ed did and let your costume make you look ultra jacked.

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Ciara, "Go Girl"

Ciara embodied an alter-ego of "Super Ci" for her 2009 Fantasy Ride album. This video had our girl working it as the sexiest spy and cyborg you've ever seen.

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Britney Spears, "Break the Ice"

While it's not actually Britney here, the superstar turned into the anime hero of our dreams in the video for her excellent Blackout single.

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Ramones, "Spider-Man"

Just like Britney, the Ramones got animated to get into fighting action. This one intercuts Spiderman footage alongside the band.

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Paulina Rubio, "Ni una Sola Palabra"

We never saw a crimefighter wear heels this high until we watched the Latin-pop princess' "Ni una Sola Palabra." 

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Crayon Pop, "FM"

The K-pop girl group did their best Sailor Moon and Power Rangers impression for this oddly bewitching single. Watch as each member dons a color-specific school uniform and at the end they combine their weapons to defeat a monster. 

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Danity Kane & Missy Elliott, "Bad Girl"

The Making the Band girl group went full-on comic book for their Missy Elliott collaboration.

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