March 14, 2016


Study: Taylor Swift, Drake & Rihanna Videos Watched More Than Many Network TV Shows

Rihanna on VEVO
Rihanna on VEVO

Nielsen has released new Vevo-commissioned research showing that music's biggest stars "routinely gather equal if not bigger audiences than network TV shows" with their music videos. Variety reported the news.

Examples cited include Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" video, which pulled 18 million viewers in its first seven days (an amount only bested by that week's NCIS: Los Angeles on CBS), and Drake's "Hotling Bling" and Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" getting 6 million views each in their first weeks. "What’s more, [Rihanna's] videos were twice as likely to reach 18-49 year-olds than CBS’s summer hit Big Brother," Variety writes.

To hear more about the study, including how Vevo and Nielsen came up with their admittedly kinda odd comparisons, head to Variety. For a refresher on the biggest music videos of 2015—fan-voted, btw—check out Fuse's list.