March 14, 2016


'The Lineup' Q&A: Atlanta Dream Forward Angel McCoughtry

1. Other than Destiny's Child, any other artists you'd credit with bringing you more toward mainstream R&B?

Michael Jackson and Xscape.

2. What's on your pre-game mixes? Do you stick with more old school beats?

Old school Atlanta hip-hop music, Bone Crusher, Pastor Troy, and André 3000.

3. What are your thoughts on the current state of Atlanta hip hop?

I love it! I really love the fact that Atlanta is able to contribute to that genre of music with its own unique style. Atlanta hip-hop gets a lot of flack for not being conscious music, but the city provides a unique sound that is great for parties. No matter where I am in the world when Atlanta hip-hop comes on the energy of the party turns up!

4. What's your dream old school/new school R&B collaboration?

Al B. Sure and Beyoncé.

5. Have your teammates put you onto any artists/songs? If so, which ones?

JSMN it's a very cool vibe. The beat is almost thought provoking.

6. If you weren't a basketball player, could you see yourself working in a music-related field?

Absolutely! I actually produce, write and sing, so stay tuned for some stuff from me soon.

7. What's the best music venue in Atlanta, or best place to just chill and check out a live show?

There's a place in Atlanta called Apachee. It's actually a poetry club but some nights they have live music. It's a chance for emerging artists to collaborate and bring an amazing show for a very small audience. It's always packed in there and the music never disappoints. The instruments are going wild.

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