March 4, 2016


'The Lineup' Q&A: Bubba Wallace

1. You've talked about how NASCAR is associated with country music, which you're not a fan of, so you've never gone to the pre-race concerts. What's your dream line-up for a pre-race concert?

My dream lineup (although it would never happen) would be Drake, Asking Alexandria, and Tupac's hologram.

2. You started racing at age nine. What was it like the very first time you raced?

It was thrilling, even though I wrecked.

3. What music did you listen to as a kid to get pumped up for a race?

I was a big fan of Underoath along with As I Lay Dying. Those guys definitely got me in the zone before a race. 

4. What are the best concerts you've ever been to?

J. Cole and Miss May I and the Warped Tour.

5. Is there any artist you've had a chance to meet because of your NASCAR fame? Who?

Blessed the Fall, Miss May I and Asking Alexandria.

6. What artist or song do you love that would totally surprise people, and goes against the grain of your general musical taste?

Bloc Party for sure. 

7. You've set a lot of records in your career already -- what records would you still like to break, as you look ahead?

I’d like to win a race in all three major NASCAR series (Sprint Cup, XFINITY and Trucks) as well as win a Cup championship.

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