March 11, 2016


Underoath Announce Surprise Reunion Concert in Florida

Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker

Underoath are officially back! The post-hardcore band have surprise-announced a reunion show set for this Sunday (March 13) at Ybor City, Florida's Crowbar. The news comes after the rockers disbanded a few years ago.

The concert will mark almost 10 years since Underoath played a venue of that size (Crowbar only holds 400 people). Guitarist Tim McTague told Tampa Bay’s Creative Loafing:

"That’s not an exaggeration. We probably played one of these style clubs in 2007 or 2008 in Europe or Singapore or some small overseas market, but as far as the U.S., the last one I can remember was Alley Cats in Virginia summer of 2004. I think it’s going to [be] a hot mess and really be a celebration of the hardcore scene we grew up with. I think it’s going to be an old school sweat fest honestly. There’s something about a 400-cap room jammed full, no production, no big barricades. It’s all about the music, and the energy that we all get to share together. It will be sweaty, sloppy, heavy and hopefully beautiful. It very well could be my favorite show of the whole tour.”

Tickets for the show (which are only $10) are first-come, first-serve and there will be no pre-sales available. Underoath announced their hiatus back in 2013 and have since kept themselves busy in music—drummer Aaron Gillespie has been playing on tour with Paramore.

Underoath's surprise weekend show comes ahead of their U.S. reunion tour, which kicks off on March 16 in St. Petersburg, Florida.