March 25, 2016


Negan's Here: 'The Walking Dead' Previews Big Baddie's Entrance

Negan: Loathed by many, loved by some, feared by all—for folks who have read The Walking Dead, that is. Fans of AMC's series and AMC's series alone have been hearing the name, and seeing comically early interviews with actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan, for what must feel like forever. And in less than two weeks, on The Walking Dead's Season 6 finale on April 3, titled "Last Day on Earth," they're gonna find out what's up.

Watch above to see a teaser for the show's introduction to Negan, brought to you by Cosmic Book News. You won't see his face, but you'll glimpse his trademark leather jacket, black slicked-back hair and his friend, a barbed-wire baseball bat with a cute name we won't spoil.

"Sorry, we don't negotiate," Negan, or someone in his crew, is quick to let Rick Grimes & Co. know. The character first appeared in the Walking Dead comic in July 2012, at Issue #100. For some thoughts about the series' at its landmark 150th issue this past January, check out our piece.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan's previous acting credits include Grey's Anatomy, Watchmen and The Good Wife.