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Warped Tour 2016

Warped Tour 2016: 13 Acts We Can't Wait to See

This year's traveling punk rock circus might be the best one yet. Here's who we can't wait to see

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Good Charlotte

The 2016 Van's Warped Tour lineup is completely awesome; we can't freakin' wait. (If you haven't seen it in full, click here.) There are a handful of veteran acts hitting the stage this time around (there always are, but not typically from the mid-'00s.) The first name that jumped out at us was Good Charlotte. They reunited last year, announced only four or five dates after playing a short U.K. tour with longtime buds All Time Low. If you can't see them next month, apparently you're in luck: "The Anthem" band is back, baby!

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Sum 41

Another reunion! We were lucky enough to catch Sum 41 when they came back into the pop-punk rock sphere at the Alternative Press Music Awards last year (with some help from rapper DMC, we should add.) Now it's your turn. Oh, and make sure to check out our recent interview with frontman Deryck Whibley to get hyped.

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Issues combine electronic dance sounds with metalcore for a sound that's uniquely their own. It has made them beloved in the scene, the kind of band kids will be stoked to see reunite for Warped Tour a decade from now. Get in while they're hot!

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Sleeping With Sirens

Sleeping With Sirens are similar to Issues in that they're a band changing the game right now, personalities and all. Their musical innovation lies in the intersection of metalcore and pop-punk as well as frontman Kellin Quinn's mind-blowing falsetto. How he sings like that, the world may never know.

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Against The Current

Warped Tour forever has a problem with not booking enough women (it's 2016, come on people!) but Against the Current will fight the good fight. The NY trio started as a YouTube cover project, eventually discovering their natural songwriting ability and later taking teens on the internet by storm. They could very well be the next Paramore, it's time to pay attention.

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State Champs

If you could place the future of pop-punk on any band's shoulders, it's State Champs. These guys lean into the "pop" part of the genre, making their songs smart and accessible. They're revitalizing this type of music and it's exciting to think where they might take it in the future.

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Waterparks are currently managed by Benji and Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, so it makes sense that they'd play the traveling punk rock circus together. The Madden brothers have a good ear (duh) and 'Parks are the best. They're young and eager and stoked, the best combination of things.

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The Summer Set

The Summer Set singer Brian Dales might be "a bit too pop for the punk kids," but "too punk for the pop kids," but that only makes him and his band totally awesome? We think it's only a matter of time before their all over the radio, but for now, we're racing to see them at Warped.

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We can pretty guarantee the only way you're going to see a fiddle at Warped is if you see Yellowcard. Plus, "Ocean Avenue." Do we need any more of an explanation?

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Mayday Parade

If Mayday Parade are responsible for anything, it's showing the pop-punk scene that if your band has a couple dudes with standout voices, you should get 'em to harmonize. Most of the groups at the gigs do it now, but MP were the first. You'll have to see them live to really get it.

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We The Kings

"Check Yes Juliet" is still a perfect pop (not just pop-punk) song. That's it. 

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Knuckle Puck

Chicago is a hotbed for pop-punk and emo. Ever heard of a little band called Fall Out Boy? Knuckle Puck is keeping it alive and helping that local scene to flourish as much as it did 10 years ago. Impressive stuff, we think.

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Tonight Alive

Australia's Tonight Alive is fronted by the ineffable Jenna McDougall, so they already get one million points for having a female frontperson. Beyond gender, however, is the band's talent: Much like how groups like Paramore and FOB were able to go beyond their emo youth and opt for something bigger, Tonight Alive teeters a line between electro-pop and their punk routes. It's only up from here.

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