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5 Dystopian Y.A. Book Series That Haven't Been Ruined by the Big Screen

If you found yourself scrambling to read the 'Divergent' series before its new 'Allegiant' movie hit theaters, here are more suggestions without a movie release deadline in sight. (And hopefully, it stays that way)

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​'Gone' by Michael Grant

Katherine Tegen Books

What would happen if everyone over the age of 15 suddenly disappeared? No phone, no Internet and no supervision. This isn’t a typical new world–those left behind are discovering they have new powers they need to learn to control. 

Gone is the first book in a series of six that reveals a world run by teenagers and what they must do to survive.

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'​The House of the Scorpion' by Nancy Farmer

Atheneum Books

In this dystopian novel, Matt discovers that he isn’t a real boy after all. He is a clone, meant to be used for parts for a 146-year-old drug lord. His escape to freedom is short lived when he is imprisoned with other boys like himself. Matt’s story continues into the second novel, The Lord of Opium.

3 / 5

'Dark Eden' by Chris Beckett

Broadway Books

The third and final novel in the Eden series, Daughter of Eden, makes its debut this year. Start at the beginning to discover the truth about John Redlantern’s sunless world (Eden) and what dark secrets will be revealed. This unique view of another planet’s dystopian society is not to be missed.

4 / 5

'Uglies' by Scott Westerfeld

Simon Pulse

Beauty is only skin deep… At the age of 16, teenagers undergo surgery to become a “pretty,” but at what cost? In Westerfeld’s first book in the series, Tally must make a choice to betray a friend or stay ugly forever. If given the choice between being beautiful on the outside or staying who you are on the inside, which would you decide?

5 / 5

'​Legend' by Marie Lu


Based in what used to be the west coast of the United States, Legend is the first book in a series about Day and June, two teenagers brought together under tragic circumstances. Although they seem to be from completely different worlds, together they begin to uncover secrets that their country doesn’t want revealed.


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