March 25, 2016


9 of Zayn's 'Mind of Mine' Lyrics That Never Would've Made a One Direction Album

Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

As the narrative seeps into our brainfolds, Zayn Malik's debut album Mind of Mine is his declaration of freedom from One Direction. He's going to great lengths to prove he can embrace more mature material by diving head-first into sex anthems (pun intended because I'm a perv).

1D handled sex very carefully—it wasn't absent on their records, but it wasn't exactly upfront either. For example, this was the most scandalous lyric from 2013's Midnight Memories: “It’s 4 a.m. and I know that you’re with him / I wonder if he knows that I touched your skin.” DAMN! YOU TOUCHED HER SKIN!?!?

When the guys got older they got a little sexier, alluding to one-night stands on the Made in the A.M. track "Temporary Fix": "Saw that I can teach you, waking up in my T-shirt." OOH your shirt!?!? WONDER HOW IT GOT THERE!?

Zayn not only touches her skin and gives her his shirt, but he goes there. Here are the nine lyrics that never would've made it to a 1D album:

1. "I think I know she don't love me / That's why I fuck her right" [or "fuck around," depending on who you ask] ("She Don't Love Me")

2. "I'll get her wetter than ever / Four letters are never the question / She likes when I’m messy / And I like when she’s undressed" ("Wrong")

3. "A place that is so pure, so dirty and raw / In the bed all day, bed all day, bed all day / Fucking and fighting on / It's our paradise and it's our war zone" ("Pillowtalk")

4. "I'd take a shot for you / Wasted every night / Gone for every song / Faded every night / Dancing all night long" ("Drunk")

5. "Baby some people are meant to be loved and others just naked" ("Wrong")

6. "I just wanna watch you when you take it off / Take off all your makeup, baby take it off / I just wanna watch you when you take it off / Take off all your clothes and watch you take them off" ("Tio")

7. "Push me up against the wall / Don't take it easy / You like it hard like me / It's what you need / Let's get naked and explore" ("Tio")

8. "I need her body / Needs me too" ("Blue")

9. "She puts her spirit in a nightcap / She always knows where the crowd's at / She puts her mouth round the cigarette" ("She")