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Zayn Malik's Tweets Ranked By The Amount Of Hullabaloo They Caused

People seem to jump on everything he tweets, so let's look at what this is all about

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In the past year, Zayn Malik has been one of the most talked-about people in music. Ever since he broke out from One Direction, we've been anxiously waiting for him to make moves. So whenever he does something—whether it's huge, like announcing his album, Mind of Mine (out Friday, March 25), or miniscule, like tweeting a selfie—fans, called the Zquad, go nuts.

The most recent example of the ruckus Zayn can cause with one tweet? His thoughts following Kim Kardashian's naked selfie

Click through to see Zayn's pot-stirring tweets, ranked by amount of hype:

22 / 22

When he signed to RCA

Zayn originally claimed he left One Direction to be a "normal 22-year-old," so when he revealed that he was signing on to stay in the spotlight, Directioners were none too happy. However, many Zayn's fans were pumped that they'd get to hear more from the singer.

21 / 22

When he said his music would be the "real me"

When he signed to RCA, he said he'd be revealing the "#realme," which was sad for 1D fans who thought they were always getting something genuine.

20 / 22

When he was caught with another girl

He had to clarify on Twitter that he was still in love with his then-fiancee Perrie Edwards of Little Mix, after being photographed with holding hands with someone in Thailand. The following tweets ran rampant.

19 / 22

When he told us that we didn't know him

Along with a weirdly placed comma, Zayn added that we never understood him until he leapt out on his own.

18 / 22

When he zinged Louis Tomlinson

The beef between Louis Tomlinson and producer Naughty Boy happened during some dark times. But here's the gist for those who didn't follow along. Louis and Naughty started tweeting mean things about each other's careers after Naughty repeatedly posted photos with Zayn in the studio. The tweet above happened when Zayn stepped into the fight.

It was sort of a big deal.

17 / 22

When he called Naughty Boy a "fat joke"

Even though Zayn and Naughty Boy were one-time musical collaborators, in mid-July, it seemed like all of that fell apart when Z accused the producer of leaking a video of Zayn's cover of Rae Sremmurd's "No Type."

16 / 22

When he beefed with Calvin Harris

Zayn had retweeted a side-by-side photo of Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift, insinuating that he didn't approve of Taylor's fight for buying and selling music. Swift's boyfriend Calvin Harris, tweeted back and started some drama, which you can read below... after you grab some popcorn, of course.

15 / 22

When he said he wasn't coming home

Nearly two months after news broke that Zayn and fiancé Perrie Edwards had split, he tweeted out what are presumed to be song lyrics. Some fans took it as a nail in the coffin for him and Perrie. Others thought he was making his exit from One Direction final.

14 / 22

When he defended his album art

After Zayn chose some ~familiar~ album art, people started making Lil Wayne comparisons. To that, Zayn tweeted, "appreciate art."

13 / 22

When he gave the thumbs up to One Direction

In perhaps one of Zayn's most retweeted tweets, Zayn gave big ups to her former band for "Drag Me Down."

12 / 22

When he dyed his hair white

WHITE HAIR HOLY F*@&(*% SH#(*&$!!!!!!!!!!!!

11 / 22

When he supposedly got hacked

When Zayn tweeted #fuckboyhack, fans presumed he was hacked, and soon after, someone made a fake account for Z on Snapchat with the same username. For such a small tweet, there was tons of sleuthing and conspiracy theories. Just browse the hashtag to see for yourself.

10 / 22

When he had to debunk a "fake"

After fake meet-and-greet tickets made their way around the internet, offering up a "tea with Zayn" experience, he had to shut that down...quite angrily, if I may say so. You gotta admit, it was a little sad to know we couldn't get the chance to have tea with Zayn and that it was all a hoax.

9 / 22

When we thought he was shading Kim Kardashian West

After Kim K posted her polarizing naked selfie, Zayn took to the Internet to make his own comment. A lot of people thought he was shading the reality star, but he later clarified that he just wanted to express how everyone is different when it comes to feeling liberated.

8 / 22


Zayn + Frozen = too much cuteness for the Zquad. 370k likes on that bad boy.

7 / 22

When he declared 2016 his year

At the end of 2015, Zayn started ramping up his use of Z's as a marketing tactic. So when Zayn tweeted 2016 and Z016 in succession, we knew that he was labeling 2016 as his breakout year. The anticipation got fans diving into the New Year.

6 / 22

When he was beefing but nobody knew who he was talking about

Still mysterious... is it about Naughty Boy? Louis? IDK.

5 / 22

When we tried to figure out who his "stalker" was

I mean, how many people have asked for his ### in his life? Probably like a few hundred, right?

4 / 22

When he said his favorite color was purple

We all know this is Justin Bieber's color, back off.

3 / 22

When he made a connection to Tupac again

Zayn loves Tupac. It's true. He talks about it a lot. This tweet made people go, "OK Zayn we get it."

2 / 22

When he had very specific thoughts about Minions


1 / 22

When he defended himself in the Zouis feud

In typical Zayn fashion, he followed up his pot-stirring tweet with an explanation, exhausting the feud even more.


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