March 4, 2016


A Zedd and Kesha Collaboration Might Actually Happen

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After Zedd reached out to Kesha on Twitter in late February, the producer has now revealed that his efforts to work with the singer may become a reality.

Zedd offered to produce a track for Kesha, who is currently entangled in a lawsuit with Sony to get her out of her contract with her alleged abuser and producing partner Dr. Luke. "Very very sorry to hear about the whole situation," Zedd wrote on Feb. 22 on Twitter.

But that wasn't a blank offer. Kesha's people are possibly looking to make the idea manifest, he told ETonline on Friday (March 4).

"Her team actually hit us back confirming that I was serious about it, which is really cool," Zedd said. "I'm obviously very serious about it, so maybe something will happen. Maybe there's something I can do. Maybe we can do some music. Nothing I can say right now, but it would be cool."

Zedd also said that he had originally sent a tweet to the Warrior singer because that was the "best way to get in touch with her."

"The only thing I can really do to help is produce songs and that's what I offered," he said. "All I know is that she's in a very rough position and if there's anything I can ever do to help I'll always be happy to do that."

It's not exactly clear if Kesha can record outside the Dr. Luke's Kasz Money labels, although Dr. Luke's lawyer claims that she is not bound to the producer. Kesha has been staying musically active by performing in the four years since her last album, 2012's Warrior, was released.