April 3, 2016


Fight Breaks Out At 50 Cent's NYC Concert: Watch

During 50 Cent's performance last night at Stage 48 in New York City, there was shouting, shoving, and what looks like a short-lived scuffle between fans and the rapper himself. In the video above, you'll see an ocean of bodies swarming 50, and an outstretched hand grab the rapper's shirt, before he swats it away. 

For his part, 50 was trying to foster a little community by stepping out into the audience to spit a few bars from the song "Window Shopper," but drama soon enveloped the moment. It's kind of an unfortunate incident—doubly so that the whole charade was caught on tape. But luckily, no one was reported injured or arrested at the concert, so camaraderie seems to have prevailed, albeit in a weird way.