April 25, 2016


98 Degrees, Ryan Cabrera & More to Hit the Road With My2k Tour

Getty Images
Getty Images

Somebody alert Claire*s, because a tidal wave of nostalgia is about to send hordes of fans to the mecca of bad mall jewelry before the ultimate in '90s tours heads to a city near you.

98 Degrees announced that they'll be reuniting and touring this summer, and they're not alone: They're bringing Ryan Cabrera, Dream, and everyone's favorite Liquid Dreamers, O-Town, out for the My2k Tour, which kicks off July 8 at the Hartman Arena in Park, Kansas.

Will they play the prom scene clips from She's All That and Drive Me Crazy in between sets? Will Cabrera shock everyone and bring his ex-gf, Ashlee Simpson, out for an impromptu "Pieces of Me" surprise? Will people make a point to learn who the other guys in 98 Degrees are whose last names aren't Lachey? WE HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS, so here's hoping the My2k Tour answers some of them. (But seriously though if they could work any of those millennial rom-coms into the mix that'd be great.)

In the meantime, feast your eyes on their tour announcement Tamagotchi Egg below, and check out the My2k Tour dates here.