April 27, 2016


American Hi-Fi Premiere: Hear The New Acoustic Version of Their Debut Album

American Hi-Fi has been active for a decade and a half, and is now 15 years removed from its 2001 selft-titled debut album. To celebrate the milestone, the pop-rock group is giving fans a special tribute: a full, acoustic version of American Hi-Fi, which is exclusively premiering on Fuse.

The band recorded the acoustic version of its 13-song debut album at Sunset Sound, the legendary Hollywood studio, and recently released a video for the acoustic version of the smash “Flavor of the Weak.” The wide release of the acoustic album will be on Friday (Apr. 29) through Rude Records.

“We weren’t sure that we even wanted to record an acoustic version of our first album, but we are always up for a challenge!” the group’s Stacy Jones says in a statement. “I’m glad that we did. Some of the tunes took on a new life with the acoustic arrangements… others I like even better this way! The thing that really surprised me was how much these songs still resonate with me 15 years later.  Ultimately, that’s what made the effort worthwhile.”

Most recently, American Hi-Fi released its fifth album, Blood & Lemonade, in 2014. Click here and here to pre-order American Hi-Fi as an acoustic album in physical and digital formats, respectively.