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Watch Nick Jonas, Rita Ora & More Talk Love for Prince: Video Interviews

From Judith Hill to Delta Spirit, The Purple One's influence was genre-less. Watch classic interviews where some of your favorite artists talked about the late singer

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Nick Jonas

The Jonas Brother on how the Purple One influenced his debut solo album (starts at 0:55):

"The sound of the album is kind of an alternative pop/R&B feel. I've got soul as my roots in the vocal space, and then taking Stevie WonderPrince and flipping [that sound] on its head with some of its newer influences like The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko and stuff like that that I'm really inspired by."

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Rita Ora

The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer on collaborating with Prince for her upcoming album (at 0:40):

"I've got the honor of seeing Prince work his magic in Paisley Park, in Minneapolis, and I honestly have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. He wrote this incredible poem that I've turned into a song."

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Delta Spirit

The Americana band's Matt Vasquez and Jon Jameson on the group's influences (at 1:15):

"There's some great music that's coming out of that [Americana] scene. But we think we have something different to offer ours fans. We write songs about today, we always have, we're of course influences by Bob Dylan and a bunch of other American musicians. But Prince is also American. So is Kanye West, for that matter. We love it. American music means a lot more than it did in the '30s."

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Judith Hill

The 20 Feet from Stardom singer on working on her debut album Back in Time at Paisley Park Studios (from 0:00):

"It was so inspiring working with Prince. He's just so multitalented in every way, he understands the whole thing. It was a great challenge. His bar is so high that you just want to become the best version of yourself and grow and grow and grow. It was so inspiring to really be able to hone in as a musician. 

It was kind of like an integrated process: We would be on stage and practice during the show, and take that and record it. It was a very unique way to work, but I love him for that."

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Liv Warfield

Prince protege Liv Warfield on her mentor's influence (at 0:35):

“He saw me on a Youtube video and I was like ‘There is no way I’m ever going to hear anything back.’ There’s millions of beautiful women out there who could really sing. I think it was like three or four months later, and I was at the beauty shop getting my hair done. I got the call and he wanted me to come out to California. I always tell people it’s like going to grandma’s house: you don’t want to touch the furniture, you don’t want to touch anything! It just took my breath away.

"He’s very much my mentor, he’s taught me a lot…how to be a writer and arranger. You cannot help but to learn something and pick something up from him. He’s funny and he’s really fun to be around and just has a generous heart."

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Hiatus Kaiyote

The rising band shares their story on finding out they got praise from his Purpleness on Twitter:

Hiatus Kaiyote's Nail Palm: "The crazy thing that I had never seen Purple Rain before, because I'd been kind of saving it. I stayed up until four in the morning watching Purple Rain so I was all up in the world of Prince. I woke up, and I got a call about something else band-related, they were like, 'How crazy is the Prince thing?' and I was like, 'What? How did you know I watched Purple Rain?' and they said, 'No! Twitter!' 

"That was really kind of left. Prince is like that, he's spontaneous and crazy."

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