April 14, 2016


James Cameron Announces Four ‘Avatar’ Sequels & Release Dates

20th Century Fox
20th Century Fox

Say you are a person who loves many things in life, but one of those things is an Avatar sequel. Well, the concept of an Avatar sequel, at least, since such a film has yet to exist. “I hope there is not just one sequel, not just two sequels, but an avalanche of Avatar sequels coming!” you squeal to yourself.

Well then. Today is your lucky day.

James Cameron, who directed the original and only Avatar in 2009 and has been promising at least two more for over a half-decade, is now doubling down on his unquenchable thirst for more. On Thursday, Cameron announced onstage at CinemaCon that Avatar will receive four sequels, all coming within the next seven years.

The news follows a January report that Avatar 2 was delayed indefinitely. According to Mashable, each sequel will be released near Christmas, just like Avatar was in 2009. The first will come in 2018, the second in 2020, the next in 2022 and the final in 2023. 

Avatar became the biggest box office success of all time upon its December 2009 release, earning $2.79 billion and going on to be nominated for Best Picture. The nine-year gap between the original film and 2018’s Avatar 2 still won’t equal the 12-year wait Cameron fans experienced from 1997’s Titanic and the O.G. Avatar. (Titanic is the second-biggest movie ever with a $2.19 billion gross.)