April 15, 2016


Why Is Avicii Posting His Phone Number On Twitter?

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Getty Images

Sometimes, you need a little positive reinforcement to get through the day, and that seems to be what Avicii is up to over on Twitter.

Last month, the DJ/producer announced that he plans to retire from EDM by the end of 2016 after he wraps up his tours for the year. In the meantime, he's keeping close tabs on his social media accounts and engaging with his fans by encouraging them to share some of their favorite memories of Avicii's music and performances. This started a couple of days ago, when Avicii shouted out a fan for their support:

The #posivibe train ramped up a bit more intensely today, when he started directly quoting from his fans and sharing them one Tweet at a time. Here are a few of the kind sentiments he posted:

He then encouraged fans to get in touch with him directly by posting his phone number (!) to Twitter. If that doesn't show how much this guy cares about his fans and launching a dialogue with them about his music, nothing does.

Avicii will continue to perform at Encore in Las Vegas for his residency, with his next date scheduled there for April 29. For now, check out Fuse's archival convo with the dude: