April 27, 2016


Azealia Banks Dances Around New York City in Video for 'Big Big Beat': Watch

Lately, Azealia Banks has cropped up in headlines for igniting vile Twitter feuds with Sarah Palin, allegedly assaulting a night club security guard, and throwing shade in every direction humanly possible. On Tuesday however, she got back to actually releasing music, and dropped the video for "The Big Big Beat," a track from her Slay-Z mixtape, released last month. Watch the video above to see the rapper turn New York City municipal buildings into a network of roving dance floors. 

After a pretty profane first couple of bars, the Banks tune turns into a lively pop-song, punctuated by a danceable, club beat. She dances on a police car, using it as a personal discotheque—which is a move that could be considered a nod to Beyoncé—although Banks apparently doesn't hold the diva in high-regard: Just today, the rapper issued another Twitter-tantrum, scolding Beyoncé's acclaimed Lemonade album as a shoddy representation of feminism. The world, however, seems to disagree with that sentiment.