April 12, 2016


Babymetal Go Top 40 With 'Metal Resistance' Album

Mike Pont/Getty Images
Mike Pont/Getty Images

If anyone is still wary of the concept behind Babymetal—in which three Japanese teens' pop melodies are combined with death-metal production—we kindly ask you to take a seat. 

The J-pop/metal trio have earned a huge first week for their sophomore album Metal Resistance, seeing the LP crash into the Billboard 200's Top 40 to debut at No. 39.

It's a major chart accomplishment for the act, who sing in only Japanese (minus an English version of "The One" included on Metal Resistance), but have made themselves as visible as possible at festivals (playing stops like Reeding, Leeds, and Ultra Japan); on the touring circuit (opening for Lady Gaga and playing their own sold-out shows); and even making their late-night television debut on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

With everyone from Ariana Grande to Marilyn Manson giving their co-sign, along with a Top 40 album under their red tutus, world domination doesn't seem far off for Babymetal.

Watch below for footage of the act playing their hit "Gimme Chocolate!!" for 20,000 fans at Tokyo's Seitama Super Arena, and look out for an exciting interview with Babymetal coming to Fuse soon: