At the Los Angeles premiere of Dead 7, Nick Carter told Entertainment Tonight that the Backstreet Boys are coming together for a possible Las Vegas residency happening. Here's what he had to say:

“We have a deal with Live Nation, which is the touring company, and we just signed a 9-show deal to do sort of like a test run in Vegas with the residency. So that’s definitely going to happen but we’re going to do a trial run first.”

ET also received comment from bandmate Kevin Richardson:

“We’re going to do a little test run, probably end of this year beginning of next year, to see how it goes. We’re definitely in the studio, recording a brand-new album. We’re gonna do a world tour first.” 

Carter added, “It would definitely have to be a very big and spectacular show. Thankfully, we have a good catalog so we can perform all of our hits. That could take up a lot of the show.”

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