April 9, 2016


BIGBANG's VIPs Win Fuse's 'Battle of the Pop Fans' 2016, Named Top Fanbase of 2016

ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images
ChinaFotoPress/ChinaFotoPress via Getty Images

BANG! All the artists in Fuse's Battle of the Pop Fans 2016 showed up in full force to prove themselves the No. 1 fanbase during this March Madness season. And this season's MVP was none other than the BIGBANG fans. After millions of votes cast, pushing the K-pop kings through all five brackets, BIGBANG's VIPs are officially the No. 1 pop fanbase of 2016!

When the initial bracket launched in March there were 32 huge fan groups competing for the title. Needless to say, this victory was no easy feat for VIPs fans, so here's to you!

In honor of the boys and their fans' triumph, let's look back at their journey to the top:

In Round 1, VIPs were up against Selena Gomez's notoriously passionate Selenators, but blew past her with 70 percent of the votes. In Round 2, BIGBANG went against another Disney darling, competing against Demi Lovato's Lovatics and snagged 73 percent of the votes.

Almost shockingly, Jennifer Lopez's longtime fanbase was no match for BIGBANG as the group garnered nearly 80 percent of the votes in Round 3. But Round 4 was truly a gamechanger when the group barely surpassed Pentatonix, defeating them with 66 percent of the votes. 

Finally, in Round 5, it all came down to BIGBANG's VIPs versus the Britney Spears Army. This round brought so many passionate fans together that is overloaded our servers and we had to go to start counting the votes on Twitter! Even with the new method, BIGBANG fans came out in full support to make sure their boys ruled at No. 1.

Thank you to ALL of the amazing fans who voted their butts off in every round of our inaugural Battle of the Pop Fans after you came out in droves for Fuse's classic Battle of the Fans. Your love and dedication for your favorite artists did not go unnoticed!

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As a special treat to BIGBANG and teh VIPs, here's a photo dedication to the world's strongest fanbase below: