April 24, 2016


Beyoncé’s Producer Boots Talks Animal Collective Credit on ‘6 Inch’

Parkwood Entertainment/TIDAL
Parkwood Entertainment/TIDAL

Beyoncé released her new album Lemonade as an HBO special and after it was available on Tidal, there were a few interesting surprises on the album’s writing credits. 

Among those with credits across the album are Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig, the Yeah Yeah YeahsSoulja Boy, and many more. Another shocker on the album came from Animal Collective, who are listed as contributing to the Boots co-produced track “6 Inch” that also features The Weeknd.

On Genius, Boots explained how the lyrics from Animal Collective’s “My Girls” came to appear on the track. He wrote:

“The Animal Collective “material things” amalgamation was accidental. similar to when George Harrison got sued for “My Sweet Lord”. you write it and sing it and think “thats fucking great!!!” and everyone high fives and you’re all geniuses for fourteen seconds but it turns out its great because someone else already fucking wrote it. that song is a jam” 

Boots also added that the song’s bridge is seen as a “spiritual sequel to the ‘Ghost’ section of ‘Haunted.’”

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