April 20, 2016


Billy Corgan Rails on Political Correctness, Announces Expansion of His Documentary: Watch

Billy Corgan put on his best public-intellectual hat on Tuesday (April 19), joining conspiracy-theory spinner Alex Jones for a 20-minute discussion on the radio program Info Wars. Aside from the overall tenor of the conversation, which generally erred on the big question of what America means and how evil journalists are, Corgan and Jones provided many lol-worthy soundbites, railing against "social justice warrior brainwashing," political correctness and um, hash-tagging. 

Also announced on the program, were the Smashing Pumpkins frontman's plans to expand his already in-production documentary about the state of American identity into an eight part mini-series. Watch the video above, and skip to the 3:45 mark for the news. 

Perhaps of greater note, however, are many Jones-diatribes and Corgan-musings, in which the duo harps on the "hashtag generation," and things like "technocracy" and other largely meaningless concepts. Jones also discusses the "dying" mainstream media, and how it's comprised of "critic snots that hate artists as people who are quite frankly smarter than them." Corgan, for his part, seemed to agree with the noted 9/11 conspiracy theorist and 2nd amendment activist's observations.