April 27, 2016


Blink-182 Announce Album Title, Release Date

Blink-182 (@blink182 on Twitter)
Blink-182 (@blink182 on Twitter)

Earlier today "Bored to Death," Blink-182's first song without founding guitarist Tom DeLonge leaked with a lyric video. It was quickly taken down, resurfaced and eventually the remaining members Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, joined by new guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio did exactly what they had to do: They released the song a day early on KROQ.

They did more than play "Bored to Death" a whopping three times in a row, they sat in for a quick interview and revealed that their upcoming album is titled California and will drop July 1.

Apparently that date is the 182nd day of the year? Clever boys!

Barker said the album was almost called "No Future" or "Nude Erection." Hoppus offered "OBGYN-Kenobi." Looks like nothing much has changed, eh guys?