April 11, 2016


Block B Shows Off Lovelorn Side in 'Toy' Video

Throughout Block B's careers, K-pop fans always counted on the septet to deliver a wild, attitude-filled banger (see "Jackpot" or "H.E.R."). But with the just-released Blooming Period EP, Block B made an unexpected move and is going soft on us—with brilliant results.

Blooming Period's lead single "Toy" sees the guys going totally lovelorn, suggesting that a lover can do whatever they want to them and their girl can "use me while you can," as they're nothing but a plaything to this person. The track boasts a slightly dreamy beat that wouldn't sound out of place on a Drake record, and features a more subdued vocal performance that still remains dynamic. 

The accompanying music video keeps the "Toy" metaphor going as the video's female star is seen discarding mannequin parts in trash cans, from which the Block B boys are crooning and rapping inside. The group busts out choreography halfway through the video for another refreshing visual change, focusing more on the storyline and somber delivery.

Block B's new EP was previewed by the neo-soul-inspired buzz track "A Few Years Later" (below), that also showed off a softer side of the guys. The new sound is likely influenced by member Zico, who's broken out in multiple ways as a producer and rapper on his own (he released his first solo ballad earlier this year), and was involved in either composing or writing every track on the new EP minus "Bingle Bingle," by members B-Bomb and U-Kwon.

You can stream Block B's Blooming Period EP on Apple Music now, and U.S. fans can look forward to seeing the band in Los Angeles at the upcoming west coast date for KCON 2016